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Top Colorado GOP Gov. Candidate Greg Lopez Reveals His Plan to Rip Away Equal Representation From Coloradans and Rig Elections for Republicans

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“Lopez was clear that his goal is to stop Coloradans’ votes from being counted equally.”

Earlier this week, Greg Lopez revealed himself to be even more out of touch with Coloradans than previously thought when he announced his plan to overturn Colorado’s popular vote system and implement an electoral college for statewide candidates. Under Lopez’s plan, Coloradans’ votes would no longer be counted equally and, instead, would give “far more voting power to…conservative counties,” according to 9News Colorado.

Currently, Colorado’s popular vote system means the candidate with the most votes wins — period. But Lopez wants to change that. An analysis of the 2018 governor’s race, where Jared Polis won by more than 10 points, found the race would’ve swung for Republicans by nearly 30 points if Lopez’s plan was in effect.

Lopez revealed his plan at a campaign stop on Sunday, but has since refused to answer questions from the press about it. However, he readily admitted the intent of his plan is to stop Coloradans’ votes from being counted equally, saying, “it’s not about one-person, one-vote.” 

Lopez’s new plan is just one piece of his anti-democratic agenda. Lopez secured the top spot on the GOP primary ballot “by aligning himself with the wing of the GOP that baselessly believes the 2020 presidential election was stolen,” as the Colorado Sun reported. He has also made pardoning extreme Colorado election conspiracist, Tina Peters, a top priority of his campaign.

“Greg Lopez wants to rip away Coloradans’ rights to participate fairly in elections, and his candidacy is dangerous to democracy,” said DGA Senior Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “Coloradans’ rights are on the ballot this November and re-electing Jared Polis, who continues to champion Coloradans’ rights and freedoms, is the only guaranteed way to protect them.”