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Tom Barrett Aggressively Goes After Scott Walker In First Face-Off

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Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D) aggressively went after Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) in the first of two gubernatorial debates, taking him to task for an ongoing corruption probe, repeal of an equal pay enforcement law and out-of-state fundraising. Walker largely stuck to his talking points, spending more time going after unions than directly attacking Barrett, and telling viewers that the way to heal the polarized state was to reelect him on June 5 and move beyond the recalls. Barrett made clear that he views the election as a referendum on Walker.
“This is not a rematch or a do-over,” said Barrett, referring to his unsuccessful race against Walker in the 2010 gubernatorial election. “We cannot do-over the decision of Scott Walker to start a political civil war, which resulted in this state losing more jobs than any other state in the entire country in 2011. A decision that tore apart the state and made it impossible in some instances for neighbors to talk to neighbors, for relatives to talk to relatives, for workers to talk to co-workers, because it was too bitter a fight.”
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