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Together At Last: Martinez, Trump to Share Stage in NYC

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Together At Last: Martinez, Trump to Share Stage in NYC 

The cost to see New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez & Donald Trump together in Manhattan tonight: $1,000.

 The irony of Trump and Martinez sharing the stage: Priceless. 

Awkwardness is bound to ensue tonight, as Martinez and Trump share a stage at a New York Republican Party fundraising dinner.

Martinez, the Chair of the Republican Governors Association, is the most prominent national Republican to refuse to commit to endorsing the nominee if Trump wins.

For more than a month, Martinez has been wholly silent on Trump, and has repeatedly refused to answer if she would support him as the Republican presidential nominee. And – as if that isn’t enough tension for one room – Martinez’s silent treatment continues even as FoxNews speculates about Martinez becoming Trump’s vice presidential nominee.

Having fun yet?

Trump remains the Republican presidential frontrunner and New York’s primary election is on Tuesday, where Trump is the expected GOP favorite.

“Tonight’s event offers the first glimpse at a potential Trump/Martinez ticket in 2016,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “With her shaky ethical historyfailed economic record, and attempts to intimidate police, Republicans across the country consider Martinez a perfect running mate for Donald Trump. As they share the stage in New York, will Martinez finally announce her support of Donald Trump for president?”