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DeSantis Refuses To Condone Supporter Shouting, “Bring Back the Hanging Tree”

Only a decade ago, the Republican nominee for President, Sen. John McCain, made a point to correct the long-debunked claim that Barack Obama was an Arab, refusing to let such an undignified comment go uncorrected.
Fast forward to today, and Florida GOP candidate Ron DeSantis refused to criticize the charged comment of a supporter who yelled they had a “a tree and a rope” in their backyard, simply saying, “Yes.” He then completely ignored the addendum when they shouted, “Bring back the hanging tree.”
“A lack of decency is a feature, not a bug, of today’s Republican Party, and DeSantis exemplifies this,”said DGA Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “Not so long ago, Republicans would not hesitate to correct their supporters’ offensive comments. Now, they glance over it as if it is normal political discourse. It would be sad if it wasn’t so awful.”
Read here: Tampa Bay Times: Bring back the hanging tree, audience member urges Ron DeSantis