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TIMELINE: Governor Kim Reynolds Mishandles Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Her Friend and Ally

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 New Allegations of Sexual Harassment, Fiscal Mismanagement in Reynolds Administration

As Governor Kim Reynolds continues to bungle her response to alleged sexual harassment within her Administration, the DGA has put together a timeline cheat sheet to help interested parties follow just what is going on in Iowa.
Governor Reynolds has stonewalled and refused to provide information regarding the firing of former Iowa Finance Authority Director Dave Jamison at every turn, yet has repeatedly caved to pressure and reversed course. See below for a rundown of all the twists and turns—so far.
“From the get-go, Governor Reynolds has bungled her Administration’s response to allegations of sexual harassment against her friend: stonewalling, misleading, and concealing information that the public deserves to know,” said DGA Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “As more information about Jamison’s actions and Reynolds’ mismanagement continues to come to light, Reynolds will find herself in increasingly deep trouble with the people of Iowa who expect better from their governor.”
March 24: Governor Kim Reynolds fires her longtime ally and friend, Dave Jamison, from the Iowa Finance Authority after hearing “credible allegations of sexual harassment” against him.
March 26: Governor Reynolds struggles to answer questions about Jamison’s firing at her weekly press conference.
March 27: Des Moines Register Column: “Unanswered questions shade Gov. Kim Reynolds’ ‘strong message’ on sexual harassment.”
April 6: Associated Press: “Iowa Finance Authority Director David Jamison requested a friendly get-together with longtime ally Gov. Kim Reynolds, just days before she fired him for alleged sexual harassment.”
April 23: Associated Press: “Iowa governor claims no evidence or records in ally’s firing”
April 23: Associated Press: Reynolds defends “the secrecy surrounding her decision to fire a longtime ally after her staff received sexual harassment allegations.”
April 23: Reynolds’ changes course and admits she does have a document related to Jamison’s firing but refuses to release it to the public.
April 25: Quad City Times Editorial: “Make no mistake, the specifics of Reynolds’ March sacking of Iowa Finance Authority Director David Jamison could pose real political peril for Iowa’s Republican governor.”
April 26: Des Moines Register: “Before the governor fired him, an Iowa executive brokered a $17 million move now called ‘wasteful’”
April 26: Reynolds reverses course again and releases redacted complaint letter about Jamison
April 26: Iowa Senate Democrats call for an external investigation into harassment at the IFA
April 26: Jamison’s victim “questioned why Reynolds didn’t order the state to investigate the extent of Jamison’s behavior, who was aware of it and why it wasn’t reported earlier.”
April 27: Associated Press: “Iowa governor rejects calls for broader harassment inquiry”
April 27: Des Moines Register Column: “Who else knew about alleged harassment by Dave Jamison? Complaint demands investigation”
April 27: Reynolds tells reporters “I can’t legislate or dictate proper behavior.”
April 27: Des Moines Register: “In a reversal, Kim Reynolds orders independent look at sexual misconduct allegations at state agency”
April 29: Des Moines Register: “Iowa director was warned about his lewd comments long before the governor fired him”
April 29: Des Moines Register: “Fiscal and accounting concerns raised about Iowa Finance Authority after director’s firing”