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Tim Pawlenty Whines About Accurate Description Of His Record

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It’s indisputable Tim Pawlenty left behind a $6.2 billion budget deficit, schools underfunded by $2 billion, and hundreds of thousands of unemployed Minnesotans to go make millions lobbying for Wall Street.
However, after months to prepare his talking points on how to discuss his record, the best spin his campaign could come up with was calling an accurate assessment “finger pointing” and “divisive politics.”
Of course, Pawlenty had no problem embracing divisive politics when he voted for the Donald Trump less than a month after calling him “unhinged and unfit.”
Governor Dayton hit the nail on the head in describing the problem with Pawlenty’s head scratching message.

Pawlenty “says he’s going to save Minnesota? From what? From 3.2 percent unemployment? From 290,000 more people working from when I took office?” Dayton said.

“Tim Pawlenty’s campaign says his experience is a primary reason to vote for him, and we encourage him to continue discussing his record as governor.” said Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “He gave Minnesotans 6.2 billion reasons not to vote for him. He gave another 2 billion reasons when he underfunded education. This is the type of experience Minnesotans would like to forget.”