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Tim Pawlenty Files Fundraising Committee For Governor, Forgets His Record As Governor

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In what clearly must be an inside joke, Tim Pawlenty filed a fundraising committee to run for governor today. His candidacy is based on the bold notion that his two failed terms as governor taught him “what it takes to lead [Minnesota] in the right direction.”
What’s Pawlenty’s vision of the “right direction”?
Based on the evidence, it’s more than 200,000 people out of work, $2 billion in school debt, and a $6 billion deficit with zero in reserves.
“Maybe Pawlenty’s compass is broken, as he clearly doesn’t have any sense of direction,” said Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “He’s kicking off his campaign in Naples, Florida, and now he believes higher unemployment, a ballooning deficit, and school funding cuts are a record of accomplishment. Minnesotans have been moving in the right direction ever since Pawlenty moved to D.C. to become Wall Street’s lobbyist, and they don’t want him back.”