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Tim Pawlenty Declares Mission Accomplished For The Rich

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Pawlenty Reassures His Former Employer Saying: “The Rich Are Going to Be Fine”

Tim Pawlenty left Minnesota’s finances, education system, and economy in shambles before running off to The Swamp to make millions shilling for Wall Street. He dutifully advocated for allowing banks to escape damages after cybersecurity breaches, removing consumer safeguards, and of course, the Trump tax bill that was heavily favored towards the rich and corporations.
In case you forgot, Tim Pawlenty said one of the main reasons he became a lobbyist for Wall Street was because he got “paid pretty well.”
Well, now he wants everyone know that he’s doing just fine after making the good work he did while in D.C. making millions.
On Monday, at a rotary club, he let people know that “the rich are going to be fine (video).

Good for him, I guess.
“Tim Pawlenty broke Minnesota and left the state’s taxpayers holding the bill while making millions of dollars working to pad the already historic profits of Wall Street,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “He left something out in Fairmont. His policies as governor, and the policies he lobbied for in D.C., favored the rich including himself at the expense working and middle class families. Mission accomplished indeed.”