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Tim Pawlenty Agrees With Most Of Trump’s Policies, Will He Back Gutting Pre-Existing Conditions?

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While the #mprraccoon performed heroics on Minnesota Public Radio’s airwaves, Tim Pawlenty performed much less impressive – but equally dizzying – feats of spin on MPR.
Pawlenty gave an interview today to MPR about the state of the race and President Trump coming to Duluth. In response to a question about calling the President  ‘uninformed,’ ‘unfit’ and ‘unhinged,’ Pawlenty hemmed and hawed but noted that he agrees with “most of” Donald Trump’s policy priorities.
However, Tim Pawlenty has been mum on specifics. This begs the question, does he agree with Donald Trump’s Department of Justice’s refusal to defend mandatory coverage for pre-existing conditions?
“Donald Trump has repeatedly attempted to sabotage healthcare for millions of Americans and thousands of Minnesotans, and now he wants to do away with coverage for pre-existing conditions,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “It’s a simple question for Tim Pawlenty. Do you stand with Trump and his policies, or do you stand with the hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans with pre-existing conditions? To borrow a phrase from Tim Pawlenty, it’s time for him to prove he has the ‘courage to stand’ up to Trump.”