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Tim Michels Refuses to Pledge to Protect Plan B if Elected Governor

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Trump-endorsed Tim Michels doubled down on his MAGA extremism this weekend, refusing to say if emergency contraceptives like Plan B will be kept legal if he’s elected governor of Wisconsin.

Michels supports banning abortions without exceptions for rape or incest and was endorsed the last time he ran for office by the radical anti-choice group Pro-Life Wisconsin, which opposes all forms of contraception.

Asked what his plans were to deal with “abortion pills that are being passed off as contraception” at an event last week, Michels told an attendee, “They’ll be illegal in Wisconsin.”

This isn’t the first time Michels has staked out a completely out-of-touch stance. Last month in an interview, he reiterated his opposition to same-sex marriage, raising the question of whether he thinks it should be banned.

Trump’s endorsement of Michels solidified the Wisconsin GOP primary as an all-out battle for far-right support. In last week’s debate — which Michels noticeably skipped out on — the rest of the crowded field pledged to support Wisconsin’s century-old abortion ban and fire any prosecutor or sheriff who refuses to enforce it.

“Tim Michels’ obfuscation on whether he’d ban emergency contraception is a dangerous next step in Republicans’ all-out assault on reproductive rights,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Michels and the entire GOP field for Wisconsin governor continue to take out-of-touch positions to appease the MAGA base, all at the expense of Wisconsin women. It’s never been more critical to elect a governor who protects freedoms like Gov. Tony Evers, rather than look to strip them away.”