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Tim Michels’ History of Hiding His Extremism

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A new report from the Associated Press highlights how Wisconsin GOP gubernatorial nominee Tim Michels has a long history of hiding or attempting to change his extreme views on major issues, including his support for Wisconsin’s 1849 law banning abortion without exceptions for rape or incest.

For most of the election cycle, Michels was vehement that if elected governor, he would support an “exact mirror” of Wisconsin’s 1849 law, he wouldn’t commit to protecting contraception, and the last time he ran for office, he signed a pledge supporting a constitutional amendment that would have banned abortion nationwide.

Now that he’s secured his MAGA base, he is trying to back off from his extreme positions and says he would sign a law banning abortion but granting exceptions for rape and incest.

For someone who touts being a “man of conviction” and a “man who doesn’t waffle,” Michels certainly is flip-flopping a lot of his positions to hide his extreme views.

“Since getting into the race in April, Michels endorsed Donald Trump for a 2024 run, after first declining to support anyone; said the state’s bipartisan election commission should be eliminated, after first saying he wanted to keep it; and began welcoming big-dollar donations after earlier saying he wouldn’t take any larger than $500,” the AP reported.

“Wisconsinites deserve better than Tim Michels, who repeatedly tries to deceive them into electing him and his radical agenda into office,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Meanwhile, Gov. Tony Evers has consistently shown up and delivered on his promises and the values he has held for his entire career, not just for a political game. Gov. Evers is the only candidate for Wisconsin governor who is committed to protecting abortion rights — full stop.”