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Tim Michels and Rebecca Kleefisch Race to the Far Right Ahead of GOP Primary Debate

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Tim Michels and Rebecca Kleefisch will take their mudslinging and extremist platforms to the big stage this Sunday night in a debate that’s sure to add fuel to the Wisconsin GOP’s dumpster fire of a primary.

Michels and Kleefisch have brutally attacked each other as they jockey for the support of a deeply divided GOP base. Last week, Kleefisch slammed Michels for his company’s “liberal positions,” and she’s running ads accusing Michels of being “out for himself.

Trump-endorsed Michels fired back, saying it’s “sad” Kleefisch decided to go negative. “When politicians are shocked to find themselves losing,” he added, “they go negative out of desperation.” 

But Michels and Kleefisch have more in common than they may care to admit — both have said they support banning abortion without exceptions for rape or incest and have left the door open to even further restrictions.

“Tim Michels’ and Rebecca Kleefisch’s infighting may tear their base apart, but Wisconsinites won’t let it distract them from the fact that both candidates are running on extreme platforms,” said DGA Senior Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “The GOP candidates for Wisconsin governor will say whatever it takes to appease the far-right — and they’re proving themselves out-of-touch and unelectable in the process.”