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Throwback Thursday: RGA Calls Dardenne a ‘Strong Conservative Leader’

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Throwback Thursday: RGA Calls Dardenne a ‘Strong Conservative Leader’


Republican Governors Association statement on October 22, 2015: 

“Louisi­ana voters have three strong con­ser­vat­ive lead­ers to choose from to be their next gov­ernor in Dav­id Vit­ter, Jay Dardenne and Scott An­gelle.” [National Journal, 10/22/15]

Statement from RNC Chair Reince Priebus today:

“This news is extremely disappointing and an act of betrayal to the Republican Party.” [RNC/LAGOP letter, 11/5/15]

Democratic Governors Association Statement today:

“Career politician David Vitter has grown so desperate that his campaign is attacking fellow Republicans,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “This is just another desperate lie from a politician who will do anything he can to hold onto power. It’s no wonder Louisiana voters don’t trust David Vitter to be their governor.”