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Thou Shalt Not Pay Taxes: Pro-Trump NJ Gov Candidate Thwarts Property Tax Laws By Living In A Church-Funded Million Dollar Mansion

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Today, Politico reported pro-Trump gubernatorial candidate Phil Rizzo has avoided paying property taxes on his million-dollar mansion for years. In 2017, Rizzo sold his extravagant house to his church for $1.65 million, and then continued to live there with his family, rent and tax free. Like any good Trump disciple, Rizzo is following the Trump playbook to a tee.

Rizzo has declared himself a “strong supporter of President Trump” and questioned frontrunner Jack Ciattarelli’s commitment to the Trump agenda, even though Ciattarelli has signaled clearly that he stands with the disgraced former president. Just one day after Rizzo officially qualified for the primary, it’s becoming clear this will be a nasty fight between Rizzo and Ciattarelli to win over Trump’s base in New Jersey.

Rizzo has already picked up some key endorsements from New Jersey Trump allies, including radio host Bill Spadea and former Ocean County GOP Chair George Gilmore, who was pardoned by Trump in January.

Ciattarelli has also run his campaign really far to the right in a desperate effort to win over Trump’s base in New Jersey. Ciattarelli said he voted for Trump in November because he believes the Trump administration’s agenda, which has included attempting to strip health care away from millions and cut aid for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, has been good for America.” Ciattarelli also attended a “Stop the Steal” rally like the one that led to the January 6th insurrection and supported Trump’s lies about election fraud, despite having no evidence to back up Republicans’ wild claims.

The NJ GOP primary is a revolving door of Trump lackeys. In addition to Ciattarelli and Rizzo, the primary includes failed candidate Brian Levine, who has still refused to say whether he attended Trump’s superspreader fundraiser in Bedminster, and perennial Trump wannabe candidate Hirsh Singh.

“It’s been one day since the primary ballot was made official, and already it’s clear the GOP primary is going to be a race to win over Trump’s base in New Jersey,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Jack Ciattarelli will have to battle it out against committed Trump acolytes like Phil Rizzo to prove he is the most loyal to Trump. Regardless of who comes out on top, the only winner in the GOP primary will be Trump’s far-right agenda.”