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This Is The Only Story That Matters The Next Two Weeks In The Louisiana Governor’s Race

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Rispone Calls Edwards A Disappointment To West Point, US Military” – WWL Radio

While David Vitter did many things to disgrace Louisiana, he never stooped so low as to attack John Bel Edwards’s military service in 2015.
Today, while on conservative talk radio, his opponent, political insider Eddie Rispone, said Gov. Edwards “hurt the reputation of West Point.”
In response, the Governor hit back, saying, “Mr. Rispone went to college to not go in the Army. I went to the Army in order to go to college. That’s the difference.”
Edwards went on to say, “When Eddie Rispone was sitting on the board of (the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry) getting special favors from state government, I was still jumping out of airplanes at 2 o’clock in the morning.”
Eddie Rispone seems to be dedicated to this perplexing strategy, doubling down on his comments in a statement later in the day.
“Eddie Rispone’s business record already raises troubling questions about his character, but today’s comments, and his defense of them, show a man who lacks any principles whatsoever,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Rispone did not just denigrate Gov. Edwards’ service, he insulted veterans across Louisiana. His comments have no place in politics and today’s comments make clear that Eddie Rispone is unfit to serve as governor.”