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Then/Now: Gov. Janet Mills Is Getting Maine’s Clean Energy Economy Back on Track

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Portland Press Herald Editorial: “Our View: Getting offshore wind project back on course”

THAT WAS THEN: “Ten years ago, a task force on wind energy saw this moment clearly, when Maine would be in a position to capitalize on its human and natural resources to become players in the burgeoning offshore wind industry. Maine soon abandoned this vision as Gov. Paul LePage came into office with a shortsighted approach to energy, and a blind ignorance toward the climate crisis.”
THIS IS NOW: “Fortunately, Gov. Janet Mills has brought the Blaine House back on board with offshore wind. Her office testified in favor of L.D. 994 last week, and offshore wind development is part of her plan to significantly reduce carbon emissions and keep Maine energy spending at home. That’s good news. Under Gov. LePage, Maine, once in the lead when it comes to offshore wind, fell behind. But it’s not too late to raise the sails.”
Maine Gov. Janet Mills is wasting no time turning the page on former Gov. LePage’s disastrous legacy and getting Maine’s renewable energy economy back on track. Read the full Portland Press Herald editorial here.