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Themis Klarides Can’t Run From Her Pro-Trump Record as She Teases Run for Connecticut Governor

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Surrounded by Donald Trump loyalists and GOP mega-donors at the swanky and exclusive Republican Governors Association conference in Tennessee, according to reports, former Connecticut state House Minority Leader Themis Klarides announced she is taking the first step in running for governor. 

Klarides was an enthusiastic Trump delegate to the Republican National Convention and said that the disgraced former president and his dangerous agenda was “giving us hope for change in the future. People want excitement … and that’s what he’s giving them.” She also ignored Trump’s politics of bigotry and hatred, saying that Donald Trump “will not tolerate people being treated differently and will only tolerate fairness for all.” 

Klarides is the first candidate to announce her intentions to run against Gov. Ned Lamont, whose leadership continues to be popular across party lines. Gov. Lamont has one of the highest approval ratings in the country on his handling of the pandemic: The latest Sacred Heart University poll showed nearly 71% of respondents approved of Gov. Lamont’s handling of the crisis.

In fact, under Lamont’s leadership, Connecticut was the first state in the country to fully vaccinate at least half its adult population, as companies are hiring at a record pace. In March, Connecticut had its highest monthly job posting numbers in the last ten years. 

As a result, it will also be a problem for Themis Klarides’ potential run that she spent last year opposing and trying to obstruct Gov. Lamont’s response to the pandemic. 

“While 2016 Trump delegate Themis Klarides reportedly confers with Donald Trump’s fan club in Tennessee over whether or not to run, Gov. Lamont continues to deliver real and popular results for Connecticut families, small businesses and workers,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Gov. Lamont’s steady and proactive leadership in navigating Connecticut through the pandemic has saved lives and boosted the state’s economic recovery. Regardless of which GOP candidates decide to jump in this race, they’ll be stuck at the hip to Donald Trump’s toxic agenda, as Gov. Lamont continues to unify Connecticut behind his continued successes.