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The Top 5 Insults Republicans Are Calling Each Other Right Now

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Expensive Mudslinging Is At An All-Time High In GOP Gov Primaries

Republican gubernatorial primaries around the country are heating up and getting nasty. And since this is Trump’s Republican Party now, no GOP primary fight would be complete without some aggressive and childish name calling. Here are the top five insults Republicans recently launched at each other in governor’s races.

  1. “Trust Fund Baby” – A PAC supporting Lt. Gov. Brian Calley referred to “Shady” Bill Schuette as a “trust fund baby” in a new ad attacking the attorney general in Michigan. The ad attacks Schuette for collecting four government pensions, and as someone who has “never had a real job” in his life.

  1. “Criminal” – In Ohio, Attorney General Mike DeWine’s campaign tweeted an attack against his opponent Mary Taylor, accusing her of abusing her use of a state owned plane. The tweet, now deleted, said it was criminal and ended with #LockHerUp


  1. “Slumlord” and “Deadbeat Dad” – Pennsylvania Republican Paul Mango launched a scathing adagainst state Sen. Scott Wagner, hitting him for failing to pay child support and getting sued for renting termite infested apartments. He also previewed his next ad, which will introduce voters to “Violent Wagner,” alluding to Wagner’s habit of initiating physical altercations.


  1. “Lame-Duck Governor” – The primary in Illinois might be over, but no one told Illinois state Rep Jeanne Ives. She has continuously attacked her former opponent Gov. Bruce Rauner as an “unelectable” governor who “destroyed the Republican Party brand.” It has been more than two weeks since the primary, and she still refuses to even speak to him.


  1. “Stale Good Ol’ Boy” ­– South Carolina Republican Catherine Templeton has not pulled any punches when going after sitting Gov. Henry McMaster and the pervasive corruption in the state. Templeton is airing ads calling the governor a “Good Ol’ Boy” for his close ties to on ongoing statehouse corruption probe.