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The Seattle Times on Dave Reichert’s “Troubling Nod Toward Trump”: “Not a Profile in Courage”

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The Seattle Times on Dave Reichert’s “Troubling Nod Toward Trump”: “Not a Profile in Courage”

After it was reported by The Seattle Times that former U.S. Congressman and Republican candidate for governor Dave Reichert privately told a group of his supporters that he “would vote for the former president,” and that he “love[s] Donald Trump’s policies,” the outlet’s opinion section published a scathing rebuke of Reichert’s “troubling nod toward Trump.”

The Times slammed Reichert, claiming his nod to Trump was “not a profile in courage” and that he “may now have turned himself into a joke.” The piece also claimed Reichert was “not brave enough to say out loud how he plans to vote, but not smart enough to keep it a secret.” The piece also points out the hypocrisy of Reichert’s attempts to run as a “tough on crime” candidate while supporting a convicted felon for president, stating: “if Reichert were really the brave lawman he claims to be, he would publicly declare his unwillingness to return a criminal to the White House.”

This piece comes after Reichert sat down with KIRO newsradio’s “The Gee and Ursula Show” last week, where the hosts scorched Reichert for his track record of saying one thing privately to his supporters while saying the opposite publicly to Washington voters, including his support for Trump, “unraveling” abortion access in Washington state, gay marriage, and climate change. As host Gee Scott asked, “which Dave Reichert are we getting?”

“While privately bragging to his supporters about his Trump-signed MAGA hat and promising to ‘unravel’ abortion access, then refusing to say who he is voting for and trying to rewrite his toxic record publicly, Dave Reichert is trying to have it both ways,” said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “But he won’t get away with it. Washington voters know that Dave Reichert is a threat to their most fundamental freedoms – and they won’t let him drag their state backwards.”

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