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The Seattle Times Editorial Board Slams Reichert for Saying One Thing Publicly and Another Behind Closed Doors

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The Seattle Times Editorial Board Slams Reichert for Saying One Thing Publicly and Another Behind Closed Doors 

The Seattle Times Editorial Board slammed former U.S. Congressman Dave Reichert for “offer[ing] conflicting views on a wide range of issues” like reproductive rights and his support for Trump, writing Reichert has been “saying one thing to the editorial board and another to his supporters.”

While Reichert tried to claim he wouldn’t attack reproductive rights as governor, as the Seattle Times points out, he has privately told his supporters at closed-door events his true intentions, including plans to “unravel” abortion access across the state, and has campaigned with an anti-abortion extremist organization.

Similarly, the Seattle Times wrote that “Reichert wouldn’t tell the board who he supports for president, but then pantomimed nodding when telling a Republican group what he does when asked whether he supports Trump.”

In fact, when Reichert was speaking behind closed doors at a local GOP event he even bragged about his Trump-signed MAGA hat and said, “I love Donald Trump’s policies.”

“Dave Reichert knows his true agenda is too extreme for Washington voters, so instead of being honest about his positions, he lies,” said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “After spending years in Congress voting with Donald Trump and trying to strip Washington women of their reproductive rights. Reichert can’t hide from his unpopular record no matter how hard he tries. Dave Reichert is far too dangerous to be Washington’s next governor.”

Here are more examples of  Reichert’s long record of touting his true – and extreme – agenda to supporters behind closed doors: 

  • Reichert “was caught on mic joking about threatening to shoot journalists” at a campaign event earlier this year, telling a crowd of his supporters, “I was packing the day I had an interview with the Seattle Times. I let them know I had a gun on my hip just because I don’t like the Seattle Times.”

  • Earlier this year, the Seattle Times reported that Reichert told a group of his supporters that marriage is “between a man and a woman.”

  • In May, Reichert was caught denying human causes of climate change, claiming that “‘the guy upstairs’ is responsible for controlling the weather.”

  • Reichert secretly promised supporters in a closed-door meeting that he would pretend to be a moderate to win the election, but that once he’s in office, he would “start showing our conservative ideas.”