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The Scandals Are Piling Up for Henry McMaster

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SC Governor Embroiled in Ethics Probe and Nuclear Plant Debacle 

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster is having another terrible week. The governor’s short tenure has been defined by swirling accusations of corruption and mismanagement, and it’s only getting worse.

The ongoing statewide corruption probe ramped up this week when Rep. Rick Quinn took a plea deal, a sign that the investigation could be more far-reaching than previously thought. McMaster has close ties to the consulting firm at the center of the investigation, and has allegedly been worrying about what else might be uncovered.

But that is not the end of the governor’s troubles. After months of inaction and finger pointing about the flailing nuclear project that has cost state taxpayers billions, McMaster suddenly tried to oust Santee Cooper’s Chairman from the public utility board. And just like the nuclear project itself, he botched it. The chairman, Leighton Lord, sued the state claiming McMaster didn’t have the power to fire him.

Amid all the distractions, it’s hard to imagine McMaster has time to run the state, let alone campaign in a nasty primary contest.

“Henry McMaster’s administration is taking on water fast,” said DGA Deputy Press Secretary Alex Japko. “McMaster’s time as governor has been defined by ethics questions and wasted tax dollars. South Carolina voters are tired of the corruption and mismanagement and will be looking to make a change next year.”