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The Reviews Are In: Rauner’s Budget Speech a Dud

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The Reviews Are In: Rauner’s Budget Speech a Dud

Nothing new in Governor Rauner’s highly anticipated budget speech  

Heading into Governor Bruce Rauner’s third annual budget speech Wednesday afternoon, few had high hopes that he would offer any new solutions to Illinois’ fiscal woes. Judging by the reaction to his remarks, it is clear skeptics had their fears confirmed in a big way. Political consensus may be at an all-time low, but in this case, everyone seems to agree Rauner has failed again. 

Here are a few reactions to the governor’s speech:

“Overall, the 37-minute speech deserved a resigned, Reagan-esque chuckle: There you go again. Lots of platitudinous evasions of the tough choices that he and the General Assembly are really going to have to make if the ongoing budget stalemate is to be resolved. More exhortation than policy. – Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune


“Analysts at S&P Global Ratings, which released a highly critical report on Illinois’ budget stalemate this month, said it was unclear how Rauner’s plan provides a spending framework supported by sufficient revenue. ‘I’m not sure how far it moves the ball down the field,’ said S&P analyst Gabe Petek.” – Reuters


“Rauner and his aides didn’t disclose the hard numbers until after he spoke. When they did, the news was bleak […] Rauner offered a budget that relies on a series of best-case-scenario assumptions which still would leave the state more than $4.5 billion in the red.” – Chicago Tribune


At a time when Illinois desperately needs leadership, its governor hid behind more false promises. With a credit rating lower than any other state, Rauner cannot keep kicking the can down the road.