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The Other “New”: Jay Block Finally Gets Press Coverage In *checks notes*… New Hampshire?

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In case you missed it, Jay Block, who recently announced his run for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in New Mexico, got a shoutout in the evening news. The problem? It wasn’t a New Mexico station, it wasn’t even a news station in a neighboring state. No, Jay Block got his only news coverage some 2,200 miles away, in New Hampshire.

That’s right, Jay Block, known for his ineffective and dangerous response to the COVID-19 pandemic, can only get news on the other side of the country. Maybe it’s because his record of opposing policies that would help New Mexico’s working families and pushing efforts that would hurt the state’s economy and environment has proved he’s the last guy New Mexicans want as governor. I guess both states start with “New”?

“Jay Block is so out of touch with New Mexico’s priorities, he can’t even get on the state’s evening news,” said Christina Amestoy, DGA Communications Senior Advisor. “Block’s record of anti-working family, anti-job, and anti-environment positions has all but disqualified him in his run for governor. At least he can get some good press in… New Hampshire?”