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The One Candidate in GA Refusing to Say No to Tax Increases: Brian Kemp

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As Georgians struggle with rising costs, Brian Kemp is the only candidate for governor who refuses to commit to not raising taxes by not following Stacey Abrams’ call to suspend the state’s gas tax until the end of the year.

Abrams would pay for the suspension with funds available thanks to Democrats’ American Rescue Plan, which Kemp opposed. Still, Kemp is turning his back on working families, saying, “it can only last for so long.”

“Georgians cannot afford for Brian Kemp to use the state gas tax as a political football when they are struggling to feed their families and keep their jobs,” Abrams said.

While Kemp is busy with political stunts, he’s completely abandoned Georgia families in need of relief. Kemp refused to accept school lunch funds, his administration is delaying affordable housing aid, and now he’s leaving Georgians in the dark on whether he’ll raise their taxes at the pump.

Meanwhile, the RGA has repeatedly scrambled to cover for Kemp’s failures after spending $5 million to bail him out from a nasty Trump-fueled primary.

“The only candidate in this race refusing to say whether or not they will raise taxes is Brian Kemp,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Stacey Abrams’ plans to help Georgia families include provisions on how to pay for them — without raising taxes on Georgians. Meanwhile, Kemp still won’t say whether he will reimpose the gas tax at a time when Georgians are feeling squeezed, and there’s a budget surplus made possible by Democrats’ American Rescue Plan, which he opposed.”