The Hill: “The Political Magic of Democratic Governors”

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A new op-ed in The Hill highlights how Democratic governors are today’s best example of leadership and action when it comes to addressing the biggest challenges Americans face, all while Republicans are busy bringing chaos and extremism to a divided federal government.

“One of the great untold stories of politics in 2023…is the truly exceptional quality of many Democratic governors serving today,” Brent Budowsky writes in The Hill.

In the midterms, Americans made their voices heard and showed what issues mattered to them. Now, in the first few weeks of 2023, Democratic governors have already made significant progress to address those big issues, including protecting reproductive freedoms, cutting costs for families, and making it easier for people to get good-paying jobs.

Read the full column here and see key excerpts below:

The Hill: Budowsky: The Political Magic of Democratic Governors 

President Biden is a successful president who has built a historically impressive record during his first term, and if — or when — he runs for a second term, he will benefit from the support of an extraordinarily impressive group of Democratic governors, who possess a dose of political magic.

One of the great untold stories of politics in 2023, which we can begin to remedy here, is the truly exceptional quality of many Democratic governors serving today, a significant number of whom govern with Democratic state legislatures.


Biden, House and Senate Democrats, and America all benefit from these highly qualified Democratic governors, capable of enacting significant programs with their Democratic-controlled legislatures. These initiatives at the state level demonstrate the Democratic philosophy of governing, and their ability to execute these plans and make them work for our people.


The American people want a government that works for them, addresses their fears and hopes, improves the financial well-being of their families, and works to help them make their dreams come true. This is Biden’s vision of governing, one of many reasons he won the 2020 election, as well as why Democrats did so well in the 2022 midterm elections.

This is the vision of Democratic governors discussed here, and others who are the next-generation leaders of American greatness.