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The Great Colorado Roll Back: Walker Stapleton Tries To Hide His Plan To Roll Back Medicaid Expansion

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Stapleton Refuses to Admit He’d Roll Back Medicaid Coverage, Can’t Answer A Simple Yes-Or-No Question on Medicaid Expansion

This week, Walker Stapleton stumbled his way through a simple yes or no question when asked whether he would roll back Colorado’s Medicaid expansion, refusing to come clean with Colorado families about his plans to cut coverage. It’s for a simple reason. He won’t give Coloradans a straight answer because he knows voters hate his plan.
In the primary, Stapleton made it clear he would shrink Medicaid expansion and cut the Medicaid rolls, and he’s adamant about getting rid of the health care exchange. This would cause hundreds of thousands of Coloradans to lose healthcare, and increase the cost of health care for all Colorado families.
However, now he is in a general election, and he won’t tell Coloradans the truth.
It’s no great mystery as to why Stapleton refuses to tell the truth about his healthcare platform. The version of TrumpCare he introduced this week does little more than double down on the failed policies Republicans propose time and again. Things like ripping away healthcare from hundreds of thousands of people, rolling back protections for pre-existing conditions, and allowing insurance companies to deny coverage.
Dave Perry of the Aurora Sentinel , “reads like a high-school health-care book report. It’s predictable, and it doesn’t end well.”
“Walker Stapleton won’t tell the truth about his plans to rip health care from Colorado families, and that’s why he can’t answer a simple yes-or-no question,” said Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director. “400,000 Coloradans rely on Medicaid so they never have to choose between putting a meal on the table and taking care of their loved ones–and Stapleton doesn’t want them to know he’s going to pull the rug out from under them. Colorado cannot afford to elect a governor who will so callously ignore their needs and instead sell them out for special interest donors.”
Watch Stapleton’s bumbling answer below:

Interviewer: “Would you roll back the Medicaid expansion or not?”
Stapleton: “It’s not an either/or, zero-sum game. It is how do we deal with Medicaid in a more cost effective manner so it doesn’t bankrupt the state of Colorado.”
Interviewer: “Are you talking about potentially a sliding scale for some of the services?”
Stapleton: “It’s going to be a top-down review.”
Interviewer: “The health care exchange, he says, may need to be scraped all together.”
Stapleton: “We’re going to do another audit of the health exchange. I’m concerned about the health exchange long term viability. It has left a lot of people behind.”