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The Evidence Piles Up: Laxalt Opposes Medicaid Expansion Despite Clear Benefits

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Laxalt disagrees with expansion despite new report revealing 28% drop in uninsured rate

Today, a new report from the Georgetown University Center Health Policy Institute showed the dramatic effect the Medicaid expansion has had for rural families in Nevada.
According to the report, Nevada’s Medicaid expansion dropped the uninsured rate of rural, low-income families from 42% to 14% between 2008 and 2016. This is the second largest drop of any state.
Who could possibly think this is bad for Nevada? Why, Adam Laxalt of course.
Despite the expansion bringing health care to 200,000 Nevadans and drastically lowering the uninsured rate, Laxalt opposed making health care more affordable for Nevada families, admitting he would’ve turned down billions in federal dollars.
Maybe Laxalt thinks access to affordable health care is a bad idea because his wealthy, special interest backers would love to gut Medicaid.
“The evidence is clear, the Medicaid expansion helped everyday Nevadans, and Adam Laxalt still thinks it was a bad idea,” said Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “Laxalt can’t be trusted to protect the progress of Brian Sandoval’s Medicaid expansion. Nevada deserves a governor who will protect and expand their access to affordable health care, not sell them out to special interest, out-of-state billionaires.”