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The Curious Case Of Mike DeWine And Donald Trump

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Will He Show Up To Cleveland This Saturday?

When it comes to Donald Trump, Mike DeWine seems confused.
After months of going back and forth with Mary Taylor over who was sufficiently devoted to President Trump, the big man himself made a visit to Richfield, Ohio a few weeks ago.
And while Mary Taylor made sure she came out and supported the leader of the GOP, and the President gave her a well-deserved shoutout, Mike DeWine was nowhere to be found.
DeWine explained his absence by saying:

DeWine: I was working, I had a set schedule and I did not, you know, change that…Yes I could have been. I could have been there.
Radio Host: But if you wanted to be there you could have been there. I’m sure you could have—
DeWine: Yes I could have been. I could have been there.

Now he has chance to make it up to The Donald. Will he or won’t he?
“Ohioans want to know: Will Mike DeWine campaign with Donald Trump?” said Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “Mike DeWine would not make time to support the President in person, but Mary Taylor did. Now, with questions about his loyalty to Donald Trump, will he go to Cleveland Saturday to kiss the President’s ring in person and apologize? It may not be enough. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen with other candidates before him, showing up late is basically like not showing up at all.”