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The Clock Is Ticking: Will Trump Campaign for Gillespie in Next 4 Days?

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With only 4 days left before President Trump leaves the country and 8 days before the election, the clock is ticking to see whether he will finally campaign for Ed Gillespie, his endorsed candidate for Governor of Virginia. Trump leaves for Asia on Friday, Nov. 4.

Previously, Administration officials made clear the President was staying away from Gillespie to avoid an embarrassing loss. Trump has visited Virginia multiple times, but has not yet campaigned for Gillespie. But Trump’s reluctance to appear with the candidate he endorsed has created massive base issues for Gillespie, and time is running out for the President to change his mind.

“Tick, tock.” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “There are only 4 days left before President Trump leaves for Asia. Will the President show up on the campaign trail for Ed Gillespie? Or is President Trump too afraid that Gillespie will embarrass him politically? We’ll learn by Friday.

“From fearmongering ads, to fundraisers with the Vice President, to hiring Trump staffers, the only Trump tactic the Gillespie campaign has left to deploy is a rally with Trump himself.”