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The Atlantic: Year of the Governor

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Democratic Governors Could ‘Reshape the Next Decade’

In case you missed it, The Atlantic’s Edward-Isaac Dovere highlighted Democrats’ chances to flip governors’ seats on Tuesday. Democratic governors will be able to protect health care, invest in roads, and unrig the map for 2021 redistricting.
Read the piece in The Atlantic below:

Year of the Governor

Democrats are favored to pick up gubernatorial seats in Illinois and Michigan, with gains possible in Iowa, Ohio, and Wisconsin.
Whatever happens on Tuesday, there’s not much Democrats can do to assume control in Washington. They’re running as a check on Donald Trump’s presidency, playing defense, positioning themselves for the long term, at best. Take the House, and even the Senate, and it’s still about playing to a stalemate.
But if results break in their favor on Tuesday, Democrats could take control of state governments that have been in Republican control since 2010 or longer. That year, the GOP picked up six governor seats in what was considered a wave of its own. Democrats are expected to pick up at least that many across the country this year. …
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