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The American Auto Industry Is Alive Because of Mark Schauer's Help

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In his trip to Michigan State University today, President Obama praised Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer for his leadership in helping to rescue the American auto industry. While in Congress, Schauer voted for a the rescue plan, which saved more than a million jobs up and down the supply chain.
Watch the video here:


PRESIDENT OBAMA: So when that heartbeat was flat lining, we all pulled together, all of us, autoworkers who punched in on the line, management, who made tough decisions to restructure, elected officials like Gary Peters and Mark Schauer who believed that — folks who believed that rescuing America’s most iconic industry was the right thing to do. And today, thanks to your grit and ingenuity and dogged determination, the American auto industry’s engines are roaring again and we are building the best cars in the world again. And some plants are running three shifts around the clock, something nobody would have imagined just a few years ago.