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The 8 craziest things about Tea Party hero Ken Cuccinelli

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Dave Catanese posted a profile of Virginia Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli for the The New Republic aptly titled, “Ken Cuccinelli’s Crazy Ambition.” Here are the 8 craziest parts:

8. Right wing gadflies are already promoting Cuccinelli as the greatest thing since Pat Buchanan.

“Bob Vander Plaats, an influential social conservative who heads Iowa’s Family Leader, called himself a ‘big fan’ of Cuccinelli’s and said he should definitely keep his 2016 options open.”


7. The author manages to use the phrases “flirtation with” and “birther movement” in the same sentence describing something Cuccinelli said.

“And his brief flirtation with the birther movement when he opined that the odds Obama was born in Kenya did not ‘seem beyond the realm of possibility.'”


6. Cuccinelli once made Rick Perry look dumb — wait, actually this is not all that crazy.

“During the q-and-a that night, Cuccinelli pointedly pressed Texas Gov. Rick Perry on his suggestion that an executive order could effectively repeal President Obama’s health care law…Perry swiftly recalibrated his answer.”


5. Cuccinelli is fighting to uphold Virginia’s antiquated “anti-sodomy” law.

“Cuccinelli requested an appeals court to uphold a law that essentially makes anal and oral sex a crime—exactly the type of move that makes him look like a relic cultural warrior.”


4. Cuccinelli thinks there’s a ‘gay conspiracy’ behind commonsense efforts to teach students safe sex and AIDS prevention in public schools.

“Cuccinelli suggested that the gay movement’s plan to ‘dismantle sodomy laws’ was designed to ‘get education about homosexuals and AIDS in public schools.”


3. Cuccinelli actually has a chance to become the governor of a state in this country, according to recent polling.

“A late March survey by Quinnipiac University put him just ahead of McAuliffe, 40 percent to 38 percent—the kind of statistical dead heat Virginia is known for.”


2. Cuccinelli compared his own fight to restrict women’s access to affordable health care to Martin Luther King, Jr and the Civil Rights Movement.

“[Cuccinelli] has drawn comparisons between abortion and slavery.”


1. Cuccinelli sees himself as President of the United States.

“When Ken Cuccinelli wakes up in the morning, he looks in the mirror and sees a man on the road to the White House—or at least a candidate of presidential timber.”

Read the full article here.