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The 19th: “Democratic women governors brag on their states — and one another.”

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The 19th: “Democratic women governors brag on their states — and one another.”

A new article from The 19th profiles the unique bond among the eight Democratic women governors, highlighting how these eight women leaders have supported and learned from each other amid the challenges they face as chief executives.

Meghan Meehan-Draper, Executive Director of the DGA, noted that the number of women governors has quadrupled since 2018, saying, “We had more governors named John than we had women governors.”

Meehan-Draper also said “The camaraderie and connection the governors have is on display not only when they gather for DGA meetings, but in their work.”

Since then the DGA has invested $80 million to elect and re-elect the current class of Democratic women governors. Learn more about the DGA’s dedicated Women Governors Fund here.

Read more highlights from The 19th here:

  • Gretchen Whitmer: “We had frequent joint calls together — it was a gut check. It was saying, ‘How are you dealing with this?’ and ‘Are you hearing what I’m hearing?’ Those conversations were really important to cut through what was important and what wasn’t and how to solve the problems that we were all grappling with. I count [the other Democratic women governors] as some of my closest friends and allies to this day.”
  • Gov. Katie Hobbs: “When I was secretary of state and running for governor [in 2022] — you could just feel the relationship that the other women governors had together. It was really evident. And quite honestly, I really wanted to be a part of that.”
  • Gov. Kathy Hochul: “…we really have a lot of fun together, to be honest. I think it’s because you really do have to have a sense of humor to get what we do. Each individual is a personality and they always come with so many stories about their own states and I love listening to how everybody is always bragging about their state all of the time.”
  • Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham: “You have to recognize that part of our work does mean challenging the status quo opinions about what you can and cannot do. Women have to be bolder. We’re unabashed and unafraid — and we believe that’s why we got elected in the first place, to be smart and bold, to be practical and strategic, and to be unapologetic about the things that require results and a change.”
  • Gov. Laura Kelly: “When I was running, I think people were skeptical that I was up for the job. I tend to be somewhat soft-spoken. I was not a yeller and a screamer, just a very, very moderate person. I think a lot of folks were worried that I would not be able to deal with recalcitrant legislators and manage a very large operation. I think the fact that not only have I proven I can do it, but now so many other women governors have proven that also, I think we’re going to see less skepticism as we move forward.”
  • Gov. Maura Healey: “It’s ridiculous to say that certain things are ‘women’s issues.’ I want to change the conversation about what women’s issues are… If you want to think about who’s going to be the steward of economic growth and development in your state, there’s no reason why women shouldn’t be leading the discussions on that.”
  • Gov. Janet Mills: “My grandmothers both voted for the first time in the presidential election of 1920 and, within a few short years, each was elected to the school boards of their respective towns, Farmington and Ashland, Maine. I like to think that they would be proud that, within a hundred years of being able to vote for the first time, their granddaughter would not only be the first woman governor of Maine, she would also be on a group chat with seven other women governors!”