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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Faces Growing Onslaught of Primary Challengers

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Greg Abbott’s failed leadership is earning him an increasingly competitive primary field as more and more Republicans consider throwing their hat in the ring. In the latest news in potential challengers to Abbott, Allen West resigned from his position as Texas GOP Chairman to consider taking on Abbott, and former Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller, who was also rumored to be weighing a run, “could announce his campaign in the coming days.”

Both West and Miller have been frequent critics of Abbott and have blasted him over his handling of the pandemic, going so far as to co-host a protest outside of the Governor’s Mansion last October. 

As rumors about potential challengers gain more steam, Abbott already has one guaranteed primary opponent after Former State Sen. Don Huffines declared his candidacy, calling Abbott a “political windsock” and promising to put an end to the “excuses and lies” that have characterized his time as governor.

Abbott is one of several GOP governors across the country facing primary challengers, as RGA chair Doug Ducey’s disastrous leadership and ongoing feud with Donald Trump has resulted in a massive failure to stop these primary challengers from inside of his own party. 

“Greg Abbott’s incompetency is leaving him exposed to a widening field of primary challengers from within his own party,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Across the country, Republican governors’ chaotic lapse in leadership is causing extremist, right-wing GOPers to question if they can do the job better. While GOP governors struggle to lead both in their states and within their parties, Democratic governors remain strong and steady and are delivering on their promises to help working families.”