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#TBT: RGA Chair Scott Walker Slams Jim Justice for $15M in Unpaid Taxes

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‘He Thinks He’s Above the Law’

Today, RGA Chair Scott Walker welcomes Gov. Jim Justice to the Republican Party.
Unfortunately for Governor Walker, the Internet is forever.
Just 8 months ago, Gov. Walker appeared on West Virginia TV to slam Gov. Justice as “outrageous” for his “$15 million in back taxes.”
“He sold to the Russians and then he bought it back for a fraction of that,” Walker said. “That’s his deal. He owes those taxes.”
Watch here:

“The hypocrisy is unbelievable.”
“I have never seen someone with as outrageous a position as this.”
“$15 million in back taxes…who else could get away with that?”
“He sold [a business] to the Russians and then he bought it back for a fraction of that. That’s his deal. He owes those taxes.”
“Somehow he thinks he’s above the law and can get away from that.”