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Taxpayers Are On The Hook For Richard Irvin’s Conflicts Of Interests

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Richard Irvin is under fire for businesses and individuals that have donated to his campaign receiving tens of millions in contracts and tax incentives. In one case, Irvin even “had his staffers lobby” on behalf of one of the companies, leading to the company receiving approval for a project after a previous rejection. The pay-to-play scandals also involve Irvin’s biggest fan and megadonor, Ken Griffin.

Here’s what people are saying about Irvin’s conflicts of interest:

  • WTTW: “A review of state campaign filings and Aurora public records shows that a company that donated more than $135,000 to political funds connected to Irvin also received millions in city contracts. That same company was also the beneficiary of legislation pushed by Irvin that could prove lucrative.”
  • WTTW: “Aurora taxpayers are on the hook for tens of millions in tax incentives to two other development companies that have donated thousands to Irvin and political funds connected to him.”
  • WTTW: “The ex-wife of Aurora Mayor and GOP gubernatorial candidate Richard Irvin works with a development team that stands to receive up to $15 million in Aurora city incentives, with the potential for millions more.”
  • Bloomberg: “Scientel, meantime, has received millions of dollars’ worth of contracts from Irvin’s city … Accepting campaign contributions from people who win or seek government contracts isn’t illegal, and lots of politicians do it. Good-government advocates say it can erode public trust.”
  • WTTW: “Citadel Securities, the firm founded by mega-wealthy Illinoisan Ken Griffin, works with a company that got major help from Aurora Mayor and gubernatorial hopeful Richard Irvin – the same GOP candidate Griffin’s so far backed to the tune of $20 million.”

“Richard Irvin and Ken Griffin are so corrupt that there seems to be a new story on their shady politics every week,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “If Irvin can’t be honest about his past, why should Illinoisans trust him with the future of the state?”