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Tate’s Tantrum Shows He Knows He Has A Corruption Problem

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Tate’s Tantrum Shows He Knows He Has A Corruption Problem

Today, Tate Reeves desperately released a new TV ad that tries and fails to cover up his role in the largest corruption scandal in Mississippi’s history.

As much as he wants to hide it, the fact remains that while he was Lieutenant Governor, Tate Reeves failed to do his job and put an end to the corruption with the Associated Press noting that “had considerable power over setting the state budget, including for the Department of Human Services, and that the state Senate has power to hold hearings about the conduct of state agencies.”

When he was Lt. Governor, Reeves even bragged about his role managing the government’s money in campaign ads.

Instead he sat idly by and watched as millions of dollars were stolen, lost, or wasted, from the hardworking people of Mississippi with Reeves’ own personal trainer receiving $1.3 million dollars.

And despite the panicked claims in his TV ad Reeves then proceeded to fire the watchdog assigned when they got too close to Reeves’ political cronies and donors.

“Tate Reeves’ new TV ad is nothing but a tantrum filled with desperate claims because he knows that his central role in the welfare scandal is not going away. This will only continue to be a huge problem for Reeves as Mississippi voters continue to learn the truth about the $77 million in taxpayer money that was wasted, lost, or was stolen on his watch,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy.