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Tate Reeves’ Hospital Crisis Worsens

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Tate Reeves’ Hospital Crisis Worsens

Meanwhile, Brandon Presley rolls out plan to expand access to health care and save rural hospitals

Tate Reeves’ hospital closure crisis in Mississippi is only getting worse. Just this week, one Mississippi hospital has closed and another announced layoffs, as Reeves continues his transparently political refusal to expand Medicaid to over 200,000 working Mississippians.

On Reeves’ watch, Mississippi’s health care crisis has grown increasingly dire, with over a third of Mississippi’s rural hospitals at risk of shuttering. His inaction has made Mississippi less prepared for deadly natural disasters like the tornadoes that devastated communities across the state in March and again in June, when he earned broad condemnation for traveling to Alabama for a fundraiser in the aftermath of the deadly storm.

In contrast, Brandon Presley just unveiled a new plan to make health care “more transparent and affordable for Mississippi families,” including finally expanding Medicaid.

“As Brandon Presley pledges to make sure Mississippians can get the health care they need without traveling for miles or draining their savings, Tate Reeves continues to sit by as Mississippi hospitals are forced to cut jobs, eliminate services, and close their doors,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy. “If Gov. Reeves wanted to do something about this crisis that grows more dire by the week, he could have done so at any time in the last three years. Instead, he’s used his office to serve himself and his wealthy and well-connected cronies, leaving hardworking Mississippians to foot the bill for his failed leadership.”