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Targeted by His Own State Party, Charlie Baker Faces Daunting Threat of Primary Challenge

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DGA Calls on Baker to Condemn Pro-Trump GOP Officials Trying to Bring Trump Litmus Tests to MA

Once again, Gov. Charlie Baker is in hot water with the Massachusetts GOP, according to a new story from Politico that reported: “the Massachusetts GOP isn’t sure it wants him back for a third term.” 

In addition to sinking approval ratings, threats of censure and party rule changes are hurting Baker’s chance of winning the GOP gubernatorial nomination next year. Baker’s anemic fundraising also proves there’s little excitement about a potential reelection campaign.

“Now, in a party where loyalty to Trump has emerged as a key litmus test, a vocal contingent of Massachusetts Republicans are questioning whether there’s still a place for Baker in the GOP,” Politico reported.

Simmering tensions have come to a boil between Baker and pro-Trump Republicans led by state GOP Chair Jim Lyons. Lyons recently attacked Baker by attempting to knock him off the committee that determines party endorsements. He says Baker’s “politically not where the Republican Party is here and nationally.”

The long-running public feud has been marked by calls for FBI investigations and ideological turmoil triggered by Trump. Pro-Trump members of the state party called for a censure of Baker, and others have backed lawsuits challenging Baker’s emergency powers.

A frequent critic of Baker, State Rep. Shawn Dooley is admitting that the GOP civil war in Massachusetts is good news for Democrats, telling Politico: “I’m concerned that this is an incredibly dangerous game that we’re playing… if we lose the governor’s office, we’re losing it for eight years.”

“Charlie Baker’s fundraising is anemic, his approval ratings are sinking and now the GOP civil war over Trumpism is at his doorstep,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Instead of hiding from the ongoing Republican infighting in his backyard, Baker must publicly condemn these pro-Trump GOP officials who want to bring Trump litmus tests to Massachusetts. As Baker still decides whether to seek a third term, the only thing that’s certain is that all of his problems are only going to get worse.”