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Take It From Republican Holly Grange, Dan Forest Is Unelectable

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On HB2, Divisiveness, Experience, Grange Lambasted Forest and the Attacks Aren’t Going Away

Dan Forest is now the Republican nominee for Governor but Republican rival Holly Grange’s scathing criticisms will dog him through November. It’s clear Grange doesn’t think Forest can beat Gov. Roy Cooper, we agree:

  • Forest may think he can skate past his dark history as chief architect of the discriminatory and job-killing HB2 but Grange views “Forest’s aggressive support and defense of North Carolina’s 2016 ‘bathroom bill’ as an obstacle to victory in November.”
  • Grange also slammed the economic cost of Forest’s support of HB2 noting that she “voted for the 2017 repeal” after her hometown’s “film industry business took a hit during a nationwide backlash against the law.”
  • Grange implied Forest is just another do-nothing ladder climber in an interview where she derisively asked “what does a lieutenant governor do besides run for governor?”
  • Grange questioned Forest’s electability saying “Forest has been divisive and would campaign in a general election with political baggage.”
  • North Carolina was embarrassed earlier this year when Forest’s repeatedly debunked claim that Planned Parenthood was created to “destroy the entire black race” drew national headlines. Grange called these remarks and Forest’s warning to church congregants about the dangers of diversity and multiculturalism “divisive.”

“Take it from fellow Republican Holly Grange: Dan Forest’s political baggage will weigh him down come November,” said DGA National Press Secretary Jerusalem Demsas. “As the chief architect of the job-killing and discriminatory HB2 with a penchant for divisive comments, Dan Forest is unelectable. From his ideological extremism and abysmal fundraising, Dan Forest has stumbled his way into a general election match up. Just ask Holly Grange.”