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Surrounded by Far-Right Extremists, Geoff Diehl Says He’s “Not Worrying About What’s Going On In Massachusetts”

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This weekend, Geoff Diehl admitted he’s “not worrying about what’s going on in Massachusetts” while at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) with Donald Trump and other far-right Republicans.

“I’m down here at CPAC,” Diehl told conservative radio talk show host John Fredericks, “not worrying about what’s going on in Massachusetts.”

Politico has called Diehl’s strategy of going all-in on embracing Trump a “head-scratcher,” and his comment this weekend shows he cares more about appeasing the far-right and national Republicans more than the reality in Massachusetts. 

“Diehl is going full Donald Trump in his run for governor,” Politico reported, “in Massachusetts, one of the bluest, most anti-Trump states in the country.”

In addition to Diehl’s disinterest in the state he intends to lead, GOP infighting has also made the governor’s seat a top pickup opportunity for Democrats.

Last week, the Boston Globe reported that Massachusetts Republicans are deeply divided by “increasingly bitter internal disputes” as they fail to recruit viable candidates and raise money.

“Geoff Diehl shamelessly admitted he doesn’t care about Massachusetts families, he’s embraced the deeply unpopular former president and his far-right platform, and his party is becoming increasingly divided,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “While Diehl is busy kissing up to Donald Trump and other national Republicans, Democrats are focused on improving the livelihoods of working families in the Bay State.”