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Super PAC Spends Early to Prop Up Vulnerable Mike Parson as Galloway Gains Support and Greitens’ Footsteps Louden

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It’s clear – Mike Parson and his allies are worried about his reelection chances. As Nicole Galloway continues to pick up support and Eric Greitens’ footsteps grow louder as filing nears, a Parson-supporting Super PAC has gone up on air, spending $650,000 to try and prop up the governor. For an incumbent governor, the ad buy is shockingly early and the unusual spending habits look to be driven by the looming candidate filing period, now just a few weeks away.  
The big ad buy is not the first sign of desperation, either. Earlier in the year, the same super PAC released a poll to try and prove that Parson still could win reelection. It seems like that the once shadowy image of a Greitens’ candidacy is growing sharper every day and Parson’s allies are nervous as the candidate filing period approaches. 
And it’s no question why Parson’s Jefferson City insiders are worried. Nicole Galloway has a proven record of standing up for taxpayers and fighting waste. After years of having their corrupt ways go unquestioned, Galloway has them running scared. So scared, in fact, that they’re willing to try every desperate play in the handbook. 
“Things must be getting desperate at the Parson headquarters if his Jefferson City insiders are willing to spend this early,” said Christina Amestoy, DGA Deputy Communications Director. “Jefferson City insiders know their corrupt ways are over as soon as Parson is out, and with Galloway gaining support and a Greitens candidacy growing more likely every day, they’re scared. But even early campaign ads can’t hide the real reason Missourians want Parson out – his disastrous record that’s left behind uninsured children and families in need, to prop up his buddies in Jefferson City.”