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Sununu Unscripted: Days Preceding State of the State, Chris Sununu Goes On Media Tour Defending Trump’s Harmful Agenda

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Chris Sununu will give a pre-scripted and poll-tested speech this evening at the State of the State, but his off the cuff banter on his media tour this week is all New Hampshire needs to know about him. Sununu spent the last few days defending Donald Trump’s attacks on the Affordable Care Act, refusing to deny Trump’s lies around voters being bused in from out of state, and cavalierly offering Brian Kilmeade, a Fox television and radio presenter, a veto.
On WGBH, Sununu gave a full-throated defense of Trump’s attacks on the Affordable Care Act and pre-existing conditions, lying repeatedly that past efforts didn’t undermine health care protections.
On NPR’s Here and Now, Sununu was repeatedly pressed to explain Trump’s egregious lie, which has been debunked by Sununu’s own Secretary of State, that Massachusetts voters were bused into New Hampshire during the 2016 election.
And in an interview with Brian Kilmeade, Sununu offered Kilmeade a veto, an apt metaphor for Sununu’s history of selling out Granite Staters to special interest groups.
“Chris Sununu is a governor unwilling to stand up for Granite Staters,” said DGA National Press Secretary Jerusalem Demsas. “Whatever poll-tested and pre-scripted remarks he gives today don’t change the facts that Sununu has spent his time as governor in the pocket of special interests.” 
On 87.9 WGBH:
Reporter: “He’s trying to get rid of the ACA which does protect pre-existing conditions.”
Sununu: “They’re not just going to pull away the ACA completely and just leave a vacuum… Don’t say he didn’t propose anything, he proposed stuff, and then Congress just didn’t pass it.”
Reporter: “I guess I don’t want him to tell me he’s protecting pre-existing conditions when he’s not.”
On NPR’s Here and Now: 
Reporter: “There were no buses of illegal voters coming from Massachusetts to New Hampshire… I want to give you the opportunity right now to correct President Trump on that.”
Sununu: “President Trump says what President Trump is going to say.”
On Fox News Radio’s Brian Kilmeade show: 
Kilmeade: “I’m going to find out what it’s like being the governor.”
Sununu: “Want to veto something?