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Sununu-Endorsed GOP Tax Plan Passes

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Sununu Supported Raising Taxes For Thousands of New Hampshire Middle-Class Families

Today, the Congressional tax bill endorsed by New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu is on its way to becoming law. 

The Senate passed the tax reform bill today that will raise taxes on New Hampshire middle-class families, giving huge tax breaks to the wealthy, and ballooning the national debt. 

Gov. Sununu endorsed the bill, calling it “phenomenal” and “long overdue.”

“Republicans in Congress just voted to raise taxes on New Hampshire middle-class families, and Governor Sununu cheered them on,” said DGA Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “Now as he runs for reelection, Sununu will have to explain to New Hampshire voters why he supported raising their taxes. Governor Sununu decided to stand with Washington Republicans instead of the middle-class families of New Hampshire. Next year, voters will have an opportunity to send a message to Governor Sununu about his wrong priorities.”



Governor Chris Sununu Supported the GOP Tax Plan (R, NH): “America’s business tax rates are probably the most self-destructive feature of the current system. By reducing the highest business tax rate in the developed world, something that we have shown, right here in New Hampshire, is a huge boost to competitiveness that creates new jobs and higher wages. And finally repealing the death tax is long overdue.” [White House, State and Local Leaders Push for Tax Reform, 12/12/17]