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Such Is Mango! PA Candidate Caught Lying About Jobs Record

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After 3 Days, Self-Proclaimed ‘Job-Creator’ in PA-GOV Still Can’t Point to a Single Job He’s Created

Three days into a resume inflation scandal, Pennsylvania Republican Paul Mango has gone into hiding over his job creation record.
In a recent endorsement video, Mango gets showered with praise for “creating new jobs, expanding businesses and retaining businesses here in the commonwealth.”
On Monday, Mango was asked by the Harrisburg Patriot-News to provide proof of his job creation record. His response? Utter silence for three days.
From the Patriot-News:

At the 31-second mark in the spot, Irey Vaughan praises Mango  for “[being] out there creating new jobs, expanding businesses and retaining businesses here in the commonwealth.”
 At the 55-second mark, Haste says Mango has the right vision for the state and will “use the workforce that we have in Pennsylvania that is second to none,” to achieve it.”
We asked Mango’s campaign – twice – to provide concrete examples to back up that fulsome praise. It could not.

Given multiple opportunities, Mango’s campaign couldn’t provide a shred of evidence that he’s created a single job in Pennsylvania.
In reality, Mango spent his career at McKinsey & Co., the consulting firm that pioneered the practice of mass layoffs to pump up corporate profits.

And it might be because Mango’s former employer, McKinsey & Co., has a well-earned reputation for being lay-off artists.
“McKinsey might be the single greatest legitimizer of mass layoffs in history–although that would be pretty much impossible to measure. Companies do need to lay off workers in tough times, that’s a simple fact,” Duff McDonald, author of “The Firm,” an inside look at McKinsey, told Time magazine in 2013.

It’s been three days, and he has yet to point to one job he’s created.
“Paul Mango’s campaign has gone into hiding after his resume inflation scandal,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “He’s had three days to prove he’s a so-called ‘job creator’ and we’ve seen nothing. It’s time for Paul Mango to come clean and admit that he lied about creating Pennsylvania jobs.