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Struggling to Gain Traction With His Own Unpopular Agenda, LePage Lies Once Again About Gov. Mills

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After flying under the radar since announcing his campaign for governor, Paul LePage returned to the campaign trail and continued to spout off blatant lies about Gov. Janet Mills’ record.

In a desperate attempt to win support from conservative donors, LePage“struggled to stick to the facts” when talking about Gov. Mills’ record of leadership, once again making the false claim that Maine had the highest COVID-19 death rate in nursing homes, when in fact the state has one of the lowest.

Le Page also falsely accused Gov. Mills of decriminalizing fentanyl, when in reality, Gov. Mills opposed failed legislation that would’ve decriminalized drug possession, including fentanyl.

In addition to making up lies about Gov. Mills himself, LePage refused to speak out when members of his party hurled conspiracy theories and threats at the governor. When Republican legislators used lies to attack Gov. Mills at a series of anti-vaccine rallies across the state, LePage stayed silent, fueling dangerous anti-government sentiment and misinformation that threatens the health and safety of the people of Maine.

“Paul LePage knows voters won’t be impressed by his own extreme and regressive record as Maine’s most unpopular governor, so he’s taken to making up dirt on his opponent’s record,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “No matter what lies he whips up, LePage can’t put a negative spin on Gov. Mills’ strong and steady leadership. Gov. Mills has delivered on her promises to expand access to health care and reinvest in public education, and she has spearheaded an incredibly effective response to the pandemic, continuing to lead the way in getting people vaccinated and stopping the spread of the virus.”