Stefanowski’s Campaign Shakeup Highlights Just How Extreme He Is

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11 weeks out from Election Day, Bob Stefanowski’s campaign is in shambles, with the Connecticut Mirror reporting that in just a three-week span, Stefanowski’s campaign manager, senior advisor, and TV consultant have all left his campaign.

In a statement, Stefanowski’s senior advisor cited “strategic differences” as her reason for leaving — but “neither candidate nor consultant cared to articulate those differences.”

Meanwhile, the CT Independent Party rejected Stefanowski’s attempt to get their endorsement, with one report saying: “The loss is a blow to Stefanowski, who was cross-endorsed by the Independent Party during his first run in 2018.”

Beyond showing signs of a campaign in complete disarray, Stefanowski’s recent campaign shakeup further highlights just how extreme by bringing on the same team that crafted advertising for the presidential campaigns of Donald J. Trump in 2016 and 2020.”

“Bob Stefanowski’s campaign is in disarray and now he’s leaning into the MAGA playbook to try and pull his campaign out of the gutter,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “No matter how many campaign reboots he goes through, Bob can’t change the fact that he’s too extreme and out-of-touch for Connecticut.”