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Stefanowski ‘Shockingly Ignorant of Just Basic Issues in Connecticut’

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CT GOP Candidate Flops at Debate: ‘He doesn’t want to run very fast, he doesn’t want to work very hard’

In case you missed it, Connecticut political analysts and reporters roundly criticized Bob Stefanowski for his failure to answer basic questions about Connecticut and about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
In last week’s gubernatorial debate, Stefanowski faced a chorus of boos for refusing to answer about Kavanaugh.
Reporters’ reactions included:

  • He doesn’t like to answer questions. Even questions that should have anticipated. He just doesn’t like to answer questions.” – Kevin Rennie, Hartford Courant


  • “He doesn’t have time to get to understand some of the issues in the state of Connecticut because he has to go raise money, because he doesn’t have it.”Christine Stuart, Editor-in-Chief of


  • “He’s had over a year. I can tell you a year ago he was shockingly ignorant of just basic issues in Connecticut. That’s something you can fix but that clip you played was last Wednesday night and Thursday was the hearing. He could have said like ‘millions of other Americans…’”- Kevin Rennie, Hartford Courant
  • “There’s a sense with Stefanowski that he’s a horse that doesn’t really want to run around the track very often.He doesn’t want to run very fast, he doesn’t want to work very hard and that ultimately could cost him. I mean if he’s not willing to get ready for a debate for example, not having answers to questions that actually could hurt him”- Colin McEnroe, Host of The Colin McEnroe Show

Listen to the WNPR conversation about Stefanowski “shocking” ignorance HERE