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Stefanowski Refuses To Condemn Ads From Right-Wing Extremist

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Stefanowski’s Silence on Divisive Ad Shows What Side He’s Really On

Bob Stefanowski is staying silent as a far-right extremist pours millions in PAC money into hateful, divisive ads to support Stefanowski in the race for governor. The ads are being funded by Sean Fieler, a Stefanowski donor and well-known anti-choice, anti-gay marriage, Trump-supporting extremist.

When specifically asked to comment, “Stefanowski could not be reached,” according to the CT Mirror.

Fieler has been described as “the leading funder” of efforts trying to reverse gay marriage; his foundation has contributed millions to “anti-abortion and anti-birth control organizations;” and he has ties to the Family Research Council — a right-wing organization that was designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Despite Fieler’s concerning, right-wing history that’s blatantly out-of-touch with where Connecticut people stand, Stefanowski is accepting his support — proving that he’ll happily support anti-choice, anti-gay extremists in exchange for campaign favors.

Meanwhile, Governor Lamont continues to unify the state around a positive record of investing in public education, bringing new businesses to Connecticut and cutting taxes.

DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said, “Bob Stefanowski has the full backing of a right-wing extremist who is anti-choice, anti-gay marriage and 100% pro-Trump because they know Bob’s on their side. Stefanowski must publicly tell his right-wing buddies to stop running these harmful and divisive TV ads.”