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Statement From Nevada Republican Mark Amodei On Gov. Steve Sisolak’s Strong Position for Re-Election

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In an interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal, GOP Rep. Mark Amodei “expressed what a difficult task defeating [Gov. Steve] Sisolak would be,” citing the strength of the Nevada economy, Gov. Sisolak’s impressive fundraising hauls, and his ability to connect with voters.

Amodei said: “The economy will be moving in the right direction by the election, and it’s a sitting incumbent governor with close to five million bucks in the bank. That’s tough. You’re not going to bash your way to the governor’s office. […] You need to connect with the voters.”

A poll recently conducted by the Las Vegas Review-Journal shows a majority of Nevada voters approve of Gov. Sisolak’s leadership. During his first term, Gov. Sisolak has followed through on campaign promises to expand access to affordable health care, combat climate change with innovative solutions, raise the minimum wage and create a more equitable economy, and invest in public education.

Gov. Sisolak’s steady, responsible leadership has helped guide the state through its pandemic recovery. He is championing masks and other mitigation efforts that keep infection rates low, while also rapidly scaling up the state’s vaccination effort. As a result of Gov. Sisolak’s leadership, students are returning to in-person school, business is picking up at bars and restaurants, limited-capacity crowds are returning to Las Vegas’s most iconic sites, and over 1.2 million Nevadans have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

Amodei has indicated he is considering running against Gov. Sisolak in 2022 – but in Amodei’s own words, “that’s tough.” Amodei has a history of siding with the extremists in his party and going against what Nevadans want – he has said he believes Trump didn’t incite the riot on January 6th, despite evidence showing the mob was overwhelmingly made up of Trump supporters, donors, and even some GOP party officials; Amodei donated to Assemblywoman Annie Black’s campaign after she promoted baseless election fraud claims; and Amodei also refused to support the American Rescue Plan, which provided $4.1 billion to the state of Nevada and stimulus checks for more than 86% Nevadan adults.

“To reiterate what Gov. Steve Sisolak-superfan Mark Amodei said, Gov. Sisolak is in a strong position for re-election,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Sisolak’s leadership has earned him the support of voters and has put Nevada on the road to recovery with a strengthening economy. If he follows through on a gubernatorial run, Amodei, who voted against pandemic relief and investing in rebuilding Nevada’s economy, faces a likely nasty Republican primary followed by an uphill battle in the general election. The DGA thanks Mark Amodei for his kind, accurate words about Gov. Sisolak’s strength as a candidate, and we look forward to re-electing Gov. Sisolak next year.”